10 Movies for Entrepreneurs and What We Can Learn From These Stories!

'I'll make him an offer he can't refuse' is one of the most famous phrases in cinema; but what business lessons can we draw from this and other very famous films? The Social Network, Steve Jobs, The Pirates of Silicon Valley, The Founder, The Wolf of Wall Street… sure, they are all films that tell great success stories, some based on real facts and people, others on fictional stories.

10 Movies for Entrepreneurs and What We Can Learn From These Stories!

Titles like these are certainly a source of inspiration for an entrepreneur, although identifying with Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) or Ray Kroc (founder of McDonald's) can be inspiring but can also lead to goals beyond one's reach. This kind of films are born with the very idea of ​​inspiring, even if the doubt often remains that a lot of hagiography can only be a further form of advertising for the companies represented.


But there are many other films, which almost certainly each of us has seen, which between the lines can provide interesting insights, ideas, and motivations. So here is our personal ranking of films that almost certainly everyone has seen, but which could relate to a new point of view, and draw the right inspiration for their business idea.


Karate Kid

How many of us identified with this somewhat unlucky kid, full of dreams and hopes but lacking a guide and a method to be able to realize himself? And here comes Mr. Miyagi, the mentor who will be able to bring out the boy's qualities and make him a winner, through unconventional techniques.


At first Daniel does not recognize the value of seemingly useless activities such as the mythical "wax, remove the wax" , which he will discover to be the foundations of karate when he uses those same movements to defend himself from the bullies who persecute him.


It is the power of simplicity that Miyagi teaches him, as well explained when he tells him that what matters is the quality of the things that are learned, not the quantity. Just like Daniel, entrepreneurs are often unaware of the importance of the right mindset to overcome everyday challenges, even the seemingly impossible ones.


The repeated gestures during the work that Miyagi assigns to the reluctant Daniel allow him to instinctively learn and automate the basic elements of defense in karate, and to understand that to achieve one's goals it is necessary to develop one's skills through practice, application and discipline. .



What else is Ghostbusters but the story of a startup?


Of course, it may not happen every day to have to deal with spirits, ghosts and personifications of Evil, but the story of the Ghostbusters speaks of a business idea based on proprietary technologies and well-defined skills in a market sector that is still virgin, the establishment of a company and strategies for acquiring customers, a peak of success and a crisis that threatens to sink the entire project, and, finally, of its overcoming with a happy ending.


The three protagonists decide to leave their respective university careers unsatisfied to create a new business and start their own business. They collect a loan, buy a venue, develop proton backpacks and ghost-traps, create a logo, and hire a secretary even before receiving their first engagement. As soon as business starts to turn, they immediately invest in recruiting a new team member and in advertising and marketing.


The difficulties will come from the blind bureaucracy, which will even lead to the arrest of two of the protagonists, until, once it is understood that only they can save the city, they will return to have the trust of the institutions and the support of the citizens, defeating Evil and being acclaimed. as heroes.



Do you think Rocky can tell a story of perseverance, redemption and determination? It certainly is, but compared to the true story of the birth and making of the film, it's practically nothing.


In the late 1970s, Sylvester Stallone was an actor whose career was not taking off, buried in debt and with his wife pregnant with their first child. He writes a perfect script, which is enthusiastically received by all the Studios to which he presents it. But that's not enough: Stallone wants at all costs to be the main interpreter of the film, and refuses increasingly attractive offers from those who wanted to buy the rights to have him interpreted by one of the many leading actors of the time. Ryan O'Neal, James Caan, Burt Reynolds, Robert Redford were just some of the eligible names.


But Stallone does not give up, goes against all apparent common sense, until the United Artist, convinced in the potential of the story, decides to accept his starring role and gives him a tight budget just to avoid the economic flop, entrusts him to a director practically a rookie (John G. Avildsen) and surrounds Stallone with little-known actors, including several members of his family (and even his dog!). But not before having hired a certain Bill Conti, composer who will sign one of the most iconic soundtracks in the history of cinema.


We all know the result: the epic of the boxer not too smart but with a heart of gold who despite a thousand difficulties manages to challenge none other than the World Heavyweight Champion, training by throwing quarter-ox punches in a cold room and running in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Eventually Rocky will be defeated on points, but will still have his human and social redemption.



The Godfather

Francis Ford Coppola's masterpiece is a must see for all aspiring entrepreneurs who really aim high. We talk about optimism, hard work, strategy, competition. Ok, the context is not the most recommendable, but just take it as a metaphor for life. We're not advising you to scale a crime empire, okay?


Either way, The Godfather is packed with lessons on leadership and competition, such as:


  • I'll make him an offer he can't refuse.

The essential element of any business is the offer. If the offer cannot be refused, the business will always have a customer base who will increasingly demand what your business offers them.


  • Keep friends close ... but enemies, even closer.


Respecting one's competitors is essential to draw from them know-how and successful strategies. Knowing the competition allows you to anticipate the moves, making the right decisions at the right time. Only by respecting your enemy can you always be one step ahead of him. This is why we must never, ever underestimate the competition.


  • These are business, not personal matters.


A golden rule for maintaining the right entrepreneurial mindset. An entrepreneur can also start a business to suit their personal interests, but once they are in business the feelings must be left aside. Especially in the choice of their collaborators and in the way in which they manage their team.


  • Always better watch your back.


Your competitors are always on the prowl to steal market share from you. Better not to be caught unprepared, and provide alternative strategies and plans to defend yourself in the event of an offensive by the competition.

Don Vito Corleone, aka The Godfather, is unquestionably a leader, portrayed in the full exercise of his powers. By stripping history of its most gory and immoral parts, you will get a great lesson on how to run your business.


Employees ... bad!

Entrepreneur movies: bad employees


Can we use the original title, Office Space? Thank you.


It is the anti-new economy film par excellence, set in a 90s software house in which there is not even a character that can be considered positive: they are all arrogant, careerists, dishonest, slackers, and opportunists. So why recommend it?


Because it is a biting satire on a company culture that is still hard to die, made up of non-stop hours, incompetent managers, embarrassing colleagues and lots and lots of monotony. And it is the story of those who at some point understand that life is not for him and decide to react, through a personal revolution that will lead him to follow his own true path.


In reality, Peter, the protagonist, will develop a computer scam against the company, and this too is not a behavior that we feel we can recommend; however there will be a repentance, a redemption and ... an unforeseen event that will ultimately resolve the situation. Peter will forever abandon his hated job to set up his own business in the construction industry and thus start a new life.


So if you are employed in an employee job and dream of taking flight by becoming an entrepreneur, looking at Office Space you will have further motivation to take the plunge, perhaps by following some of our tips.




The pursuit of happiness

Film for entrepreneurs: the pursuit of happiness


The Pursuit of Happiness is based on the true story of Chris Gardner, an entrepreneur who achieved success and rebuilt his life by managing to become a consultant after spending almost a year homeless, also looking after his son and working as an unpaid intern.


At the basis of the film there is a very clear concept: never give up.


Despite having lost his partner, his home and his car, Chris does not abandon his dreams and with passion and sacrifice overcomes enormous difficulties without losing heart - well, relatively speaking - to ensure a future for his son.


It is a story of unwavering willpower, which led Gardner to make a brilliant career as a broker and set up his own business in 1987 by founding Gardner Rich & Co. Today his fortune is valued at around $ 60 million.


Life has dealt a new blow to Gardner, now at the height of his professional success, depriving him of his wife due to an incurable disease. Also this time, after an initial period of discouragement, he got back into the game himself, becoming a motivator and teaching others to overcome difficulties by cultivating confidence in their own potential.


Jerry Maguire

Film for entrepreneurs: jerry maguire


Jerry Maguire talks about a successful and unscrupulous sports attorney who after an examination of conscience tries to change the rules of his sector by proposing a “programmatic report " to improve the quality of the services offered to his clients by the company he works for. For this he will be fired, and will find himself having to manage a single client: Rod Tidwell, a talented American football player with a difficult personality, judged by the other prosecutors as the most classic of trouble.


But Jerry believes in the ethical value of his choice, which will materialize in encouraging his now friend Rod by taking him to make the leap that will make him get a renewal of the millionaire contract , thanks also to the teachings of his old and late mentor, Dicky Fox .


The values ​​transmitted by the film, albeit with a rhetoric perhaps a little out of fashion, concern the importance of personal relationships, ethics, creating value for others, maintaining a positive attitude and above all learning from defeats.




Entrepreneur film: tombstone


What can you learn from one of the many films about the legendary OK Corral Shootout?

The importance of having the right team .

When he arrives in Tombstone with his two brothers, Wyatt Earp just wants to run a saloon and start a family. But when things go wrong, he can count on Doc Holliday, not only his best friend, but also a gunfighter with a capital P.

The right professional at the right time, a faithful collaborator always at his side , even in the most difficult moments.

Without her help and dedication, without her loyalty, Wyatt probably wouldn't have survived the final showdown with villain Johnny Ringo.

Doc Holliday, moreover, with his gesture will redeem himself from a life that is not exactly virtuous, putting his skills at the service of a just cause.



The Walk

Film for entrepreneurs: the walk


The Walk is a biopic about the feat of French tightrope walker Philippe Petit, who in 1974 crossed the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York walking on a steel cable without any protection. Considering the danger of the undertaking, Petit knew well that he would never obtain the authorization to carry it out, and therefore he immediately devoted himself to the elaboration of a complex plan to create a real twist without any warning. The result will be an exhibition beyond all his expectations.


What's the point of all this? Apparently, none. Why risk your life by playing it all out? Because that was what Petit wanted more than anything in the world. And the will is the driving force behind every entrepreneurial project, even the craziest.


How many aspiring entrepreneurs got discouraged just because they were dissuaded from those who didn't believe in them and then regret it or, worse, see their idea realized by someone else?


Philippe Petit worked on his project with meticulous determination for years, never losing sight of his goal.


The Walk is the film for all dreamers who, perhaps with a spark of madness, decide to dare, thinking outside the box - think different, does it remind you of anything? - To overcome one's limits.




Forrest Gump

Entrepreneur Film: Forrest Gump


Can simplicity, courage and passion be enough to be successful in life? The story that Forrest Gump tells us tells us yes.


Forrest is a person with a cognitive handicap, who travels through the history of the United States, ringing sensational successes and becoming, often unwittingly, an example for other people. His actions are almost never the result of complicated reasoning, but choices dictated by instinct and heart. But what always matters is to try.


The story ends with Forrest becoming a hugely successful entrepreneur, simply by keeping faith with a promise, actually ironic, which in his innocence he took for true.


Forrest Gump was and still is a real phenomenon of custom, thanks to the message that enthusiasm and a positive mental attitude totally open to the world and its opportunities can guide us in the most important choices of our life.

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