Barbie Ferreira on Being the First Face of Becca and Creating a Truly Diverse Beauty Campaign

"I felt like I could do beauty campaigns, but I wasn't for no reason except for my size."

Barbie Ferreira on Being the First Face of Becca and Creating a Truly Diverse Beauty Campaign

With so many beauty brands hiring celebrities and influencers, it's hard to believe that Becca Cosmetics has never had a brand spokesperson. That's officially changed, as former model and Euphoria actress Barbie Ferreira just got the coveted gig. She will be working with the brand for a few years, acting as a collaborator on product launches and campaigns. Her first is the Light Shifter Brightening Concealer, a lightweight formula enriched with hyaluronic acid, green tea, and crystalized licorice. Ferreira calls it "a highlight for your eyes."

We caught up with Ferreira at Becca's Los Angeles launch event for the concealer, where beauty influencers and friends played around with the products and watched the brand's new campaign video. Ferreira greeted me in the green room with her usual warm hug. We go back a few years, having worked together when she was a model with Wilhelmina. Ferreira remembers everything about the day and acts like we're old friends when really, that's how she is with almost everyone. Her charm is infectious.

We quickly got into chatting about all things beauty and, unsurprisingly, Ferreira has a few thoughts.

On her lifelong passion for beauty:

Starring in Euphoria wasn't what got Ferreira into makeup. She's always loved experimenting and has been a fan of Becca, specifically the Moonstone Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter, forever. "When I heard they were interested in collaborating, I died," she said. "First of all, I love makeup. My goal was to work with a makeup brand. And to work with one that I really have experience with and think their products are just the best quality was a dream come true."

She's thankful Becca is allowing her to be so involved, instead of just being a pretty face. "I like that they haven't had another spokesperson so we can collaborate in a more unique experience," she continued. "It's been so incredible. My little beauty YouTuber self, my little alter ego, is so happy. Me at 10 years old making makeup tutorials videos and never posting them. It's my dream come true."

On how her relationship with makeup has changed:

Though Ferreira loves makeup, she doesn't love full-coverage complexion products and the way they cover up a little too much of her skin. "I don't really wear a lot of coverage anymore," she explained. "I think just [after] years of wearing makeup, my relationship with it is different." She's excited about Becca's Light Shifter Brightening Concealer because it's the opposite of that caked-on look. "Bullshit aside, this concealer has a brightening aspect to it that just shines," she said, blending a shade on the back of her hand and noting how it isn't glittery, just glowy. "I have these creases under my eyes and some concealer that's too full-coverage can look crunchy, but all this does is bring light to your eyes. It's sheer. You can even put it on top of a more full-coverage concealer if that's the vibe you like."

On what she learned from the Euphoria makeup artists:

"I was really into a full glam [look] when I was younger, and then I was the exact opposite when I was modeling," Ferreira explained. "I think I really started playing with makeup again [on Euphoria]. I got more inspired. Even during [shooting], I would take selfies with bright red eyeshadow."

On body diversity in the beauty industry:

Nothing about Ferreira's career has been typical. Even at the height of her modeling, she felt limited by the projects she was booking. Though the plus-size fashion industry is growing, she says the beauty industry is a bit slower to get on board with body diversity. "I had a lot of frustrations when I was modeling because I felt like I could do beauty campaigns, but I wasn't for no reason except for my size," Ferreira said. "It's my face. There are no clothes I need to fit into, there's no sample size. I did a few beauty editorials but never with a brand."

When Becca allowed Ferreira to cast the models in the concealer campaign, she jumped at the chance to add diversity in every way possible. "It was really important for me at this stage in my life where I'm past modeling, I'm acting full time, but I'm working with a brand and essentially modeling for them," she said. "I was like, 'I want to bring in people who would be my dream cast of a beauty campaign.' I got to do that, which was really great. Most of them are my friends. It was really important to me to bring in people that I admire who would look amazing in this makeup."

On working to change the industry:

"Little bits of things here and there add up," she explained of slowly chipping away at beauty norms. "I'm so excited to work with a brand that lets me cast my friends who are gorgeous and stunning and of all walks of life, some who wear makeup and some who don't. My frustrations when I was modeling were very high. Everything felt very limited. I wished I could fix it. In my little way, I try to do that with everything I do."

Becca Light Shifter Brightening Concealer is now available at Ulta and on for $28.

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