Building a delivery service: specialist or broad?

Quite a few employees have a desire for a daily working life of their own determination. No one tells you what to do and what not to do. Instead: take full responsibility for all your actions and decisions. The way to fulfill this desire, of course, is to become a self-employed person. Starting a business can be very exciting at first, but few know exactly how it works. A good business idea that appeals to the largest possible number or the wealthy is especially important to business success. One market with a lot of potential at the moment is delivery services. In this article, you'll learn how to set up delivery service and what to consider.

Building a delivery service: specialist or broad?

Building a delivery service: specialist or broad?

Creating a delivery service is of course a very general formulation. If you take a closer look at the industry, you'll instantly see that there are now countless different delivery services out there, some very different from one another. Aside from classics like pizza delivery and mail, there are increasingly exotic products. If you decide to set up a delivery service, the first step to asking yourself is exactly what you want to offer. There are two main options here:

  • Either offer a wide range of products
  • Or, you specialize in a specific product or group of products
  • Of course, both options have advantages and disadvantages.

Suppose you choose a wide variety of products. First of all, this means that you will attract a large number of customers with your business model - which is an obvious advantage. On the other hand, it is inconvenient to enter a sub-field of a sector where there are many competitors. In other words, you have to face stiff competition and always strive to stand out from the crowd. Otherwise, potential customers will use other delivery services.

On the other hand, if you go the way through a particular product, that means that you will of course attract a much smaller customer base. On the other hand, there is also a controllable competition which gives you the opportunity to position yourself better and more clearly in the market. A perfect example of this opportunity to find a niche is the "Ihr Brötchenbursche" bread delivery service.

Create a delivery service with "Ihr Brötchenbursche"

"Ihr Brötchenbursche" is the so-called partner system that is constantly looking for new partners. For you, this means the ideal conditions for a successful establishment of a delivery service. Because “Ihr Brötchenbursche” not only provides you with a tried and tested business idea, but also provides you with comprehensive advice, assistance and support in all areas of the business.

Regardless of whether it is about customer acquisition, advertising actions, technical support or accounting - you are never alone as a partner of "Ihr Brötchenbursche", but with professional support you can overcome any challenge. However, you are always the boss yourself and you can make the decisions on your own.


Location - the heart of every delivery service

Of course, many smaller and larger subdomains have to be considered when it comes to setting up delivery service. One of the most important is a professional website. Almost no customers pick up the phone or send faxes to order. Instead, people prefer to click and fill in a form. Not only is it easy, but it also saves time. Additionally, she avoids direct contact with strangers (many of them have a problem with this).

For you as a future entrepreneur in the field of delivery services, this means: invest your time and money as well as creativity and knowledge on a premium website that not only facilitates ordering, but also "gets" the customer directly. This, among others:

  • Attractive design, modern and friendly
  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast loading times
  • Professional and standardized photos
  • A consistent corporate identity also appears in the brochures. Brochures, order cards, etc. To be found again
  • Meaningful and informative content (not superficial or blah-blah)

At this stage, it becomes clear once again how useful it is to work with a common system such as "Ihr Brötchenbursche". Because that means you don't have to set up the website yourself with fine detail, but rather served on a silver plate - ready and of course search engine optimized. After all, you have to be found by potential clients as well.

Various tasks and challenges
It means creating a delivery service of various and difficult tasks that await you every day. You will have to face many challenges, especially in the beginning, when the team is still manageable and maybe you alone. In general, it can be said that you will not only have one job but many jobs at that time. For example, you are an entrepreneur, marketing manager, account manager, IT specialist, and supplier, all in one. When things go well, you can gradually hire people to take on the relevant roles. Incidentally, this is also possible if you decide to work with a partner system or a franchise company. "


Delivery services: an ever-growing industry
If you are still in doubt and do not know whether you really need to create a delivery service, then this information will definitely please you: the industry is currently in an exciting and very profitable growth phase and thus gaining more and more customers. First of all, delivery services that specialize in grocery delivery (like menus and other baked goods) are currently experiencing a rapid increase in orders.

The reason for this is interesting: More and more people no longer want to waste their time shopping, they want to use it for other things. At the top of the popular list: spending time with family. Leisure activities, hobbies, and travel are becoming more important as well, replacing pesky chores like weekend shopping or going to the bakery in the morning.

Thus, the conditions for establishing a delivery service are very cheap and promising. If you can position yourself well in the market and stand out against the competition, your chances of success will be very high. Working with a partner system such as "Ihr Brötchenbursche" can help you with this.

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