Hiring your first employee: 10 questions to decide if the time is right

Some tips to understand if it is time to hire the first employee and to better face the selection process Are you an entrepreneur and for some time the work has become increasingly demanding? Do you love your job but lately it is really difficult to be able to follow every aspect? Maybe it's time to hire the first employee. But, how do you know if the time is really right?

Hiring your first employee: 10 questions to decide if the time is right

The choice to hire an employee is very delicate and it is important to be clear about the situation. Here are 10 questions that will help you make an informed choice while staying focused on the right goal without leaving anything to chance.


# 1- Does the excessive amount of work require the delegation of certain activities?

When starting a business, the owner is often overwhelmed by the tasks to be performed.


If in the first phase there is little money available, you have to do everything possible to personally dedicate yourself to each task, but as soon as the income grows it is advisable to delegate secondary tasks such as cleaning, shipping, bureaucratic-administrative matters, etc. to other people.


In this way the boss can focus on the strategies to be implemented to grow the company and on the most profitable activities.


# 2- Is it already clear what resource is needed and what role it will have to play?

Looking for employees with indefinite roles does not lead to anything good, because doing so leads to people who are not perfectly qualified for the activities to be carried out.


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The ideal is to demonstrate maximum clarity in the description of the ad, explaining the specializations necessary to enter the company.


This allows you to deal only with candidates who are truly competent in the subject of interest.


# 3- Can a freelance collaborator prove to be the right compromise?

Given that (especially at the beginning) the costs for hiring an employee are quite onerous, before proceeding in this direction it is advisable to evaluate the collaboration with a freelance.


These figures (who in fact are paid only for the actual work performed and do not require fixed commitments such as the payment of contributions) are generally employed for accounting, planning, etc.


# 4- Is the web a useful tool to search for employees?

Platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook are ideal for searching and finding new employees.


Here, in fact, it is possible to come into direct contact with many potential candidates, but this should not make us forget that our network of professional acquaintances can often be a precious tool for quickly finding the best resources.


# 5- In what areas does the candidate you are about to choose excels in?

Before hiring a new employee, ascertain exactly which areas he or she excels in.


The best thing to do is always find a figure who (in some way) fills the gaps in the company: this means that if, for example, financial skills are scarce in the business, and the suitable candidate could easily be the one with a certain skill. In this same sector.


# 6- Are you actually able to manage an employee over time?

When hiring a full-time employee it is important to know in advance if you can actually handle them over time. In fact, this figure (who requires security from an economic, motivational, training, etc. point of view) must be guaranteed everything he needs.


For this it is necessary to be quite sure of one's possibilities in the short (but above all) in the long term.


# 7- What tasks should the resource take care of?

Given that an employee has a considerable cost, it is advisable to establish in time which tasks he will have to take on once he has entered the company.


The best thing is that it can manage all those secondary tasks for the owner, but fundamental for the company: these certainly include relationships with customers, administration, public relations, media management, etc.


# 8- Is it possible to spend some free time with the employee?

Spending free time with the employee helps you to get to know the person you are dealing with better and to build a relationship.


In order for this procedure to become truly enjoyable, however, it is necessary to find common interests, which excite both parties. If you don't think about this, you risk making the other person terribly bored.



# 9- Does the resource have the qualities to be a good example in anticipation of new hires?

The first employee must demonstrate qualities such as ethics, fairness, a sense of duty, responsibility, independence and professionalism.


These characteristics are the same that will be taught to any resources hired in the future.


# 10- Will it be possible to keep the hired person over time?

Asking yourself this is very important, because knowing that you have a reliable person who aims to participate in the growth of the business, limits turnover and also drastically reduces the costs associated with the training of new resources.


These are the main questions to ask before hiring an employee: fundamental questions that allow you to make a thoughtful and advantageous choice.

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