How does employee quality of life affect productivity?

The terms “employee quality of life” and “productivity” are increasingly present in successful companies, as we realize that, in order to achieve company objectives, it is essential to keep staff motivated and to promote a good organizational environment.

How does employee quality of life affect productivity?

Therefore, the various tools and benefits should be implemented on a daily basis to optimize the quality of life in the workplace and achieve better and better results.

Nowadays, in addition to the more traditional benefits - meal vouchers, dental plans, childcare benefits, there are also more innovative proposals, such as a non-dress code (dressing as you wish).

Have you wondered if all this really has a positive impact on the productivity of individuals and teams? The answer is yes.

With this in mind, we have developed the following content for you. Today, we will talk about the benefits to quality of life in the workplace and how this can be used to your advantage.


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Nothing carries a greater burden than stress on productivity.

Many professionals, particularly those dealing directly with the public, have been identified with Burnout Syndrome - which represents the highest level of stress. After all, working under extremely high pressure, with insufficient resources and inadequate work environments, puts your health at great risk.

In turn, such high levels of stress generate a multitude of problems for both professionals and the company. Stressed staff are more prone to get involved in workplace accidents, fail to build relationships with customers, and hinder the entire team. In addition, many other problems become frequent, such as: insomnia, anxiety, mental disorders, headaches, blood pressure, heart problems and gastritis - ultimately affect the performance of these professionals.


The relationship between employee productivity and quality of life

Considering that a person spends most of the day carrying out work-related activities, which require both physical and psychological energy, work is an essential and most influential element in the quality of life of employees.

Thus, to eliminate stress and increase productivity, it is essential to invest in the employee's quality of life. Companies that offer partnerships with gyms, a rest area, or simply seek a more pleasant work environment for everyone are a good example.

Efforts to improve employee quality of life and maintain a good organizational environment are vital to the organization as such initiatives increase team satisfaction and decrease turnover, as well as increase overall productivity.


Here are some tips on how to achieve this for your business:


Invest in internal communication

Although the importance of internal communication is widely known, this resource is increasingly underutilized by businesses. According to Peter Drucker, a leading contact in the field of business management, over 60% of internal conflicts and problems are caused by a lack of communication.

Various tools can be used to correct such problems, such as a whiteboard to leave messages, corporate TV, intranet and even social networks. Furthermore, it is worth remembering that the most important measure is to ensure that all leaders are actively engaged and willing to promote such improvements.


Offer real employee benefits

When defining what the best benefits are, it is important to consider the specific characteristics of the personnel: age, marital status, position, training, etc.

For more innovative companies, culture coupons and scholarships can be a great choice; for others, childcare grants and food vouchers may make more sense. Be that as it may, these benefits vary depending on the internal audience.


Encourage the practice of sports and physical exercise
Playing sports can decrease stress levels and improve the quality of life of employees. Hence the importance of encouraging employees to exercise regularly.

Also, offering interested employees a physical activity benefit is a great way to motivate them.


Organize your work environment

An environment that is poorly lit, humid, unventilated, or offers inadequate and mobile equipment to perform the job can generate high levels of dissatisfaction.

Therefore, offering basic working conditions is very important; and prevents accidents and the development of many diseases. And, let's not forget, it is an employee's right to work in a healthy environment. People don't just want a boss, they want a leader who truly cares, is empathetic and plans a small space to listen to their questions and needs.


Be more flexible in working hours

It is true that companies need a certain level of bureaucracy to run their operations in an organized way. However, excessive lack of flexibility can disrupt internal relationships and compromise the quality of life in the workplace.

Being more flexible when it comes to working hours can be a good start. Google, for example, allows its employees to invest 10% of their time on side projects, outside their area of ​​expertise.


Other associated benefits

In addition, there are other benefits that make investing even more attractive. Some of the main ones are:


Attraction of talent and retention

The greatest talents in the market seek to work in companies that offer them a certain quality of life. After all, nowadays, a great salary isn't enough to keep talent.

So if you are concerned about having the best professionals on your team, you need to invest in people management, in terms of quality of work, and in the organizational environment. Therefore, in addition to attracting talent, it will also be important to keep them.


Achieve organizational goals

We know that achieving goals has become increasingly difficult; yet, with motivated and committed employees, nothing is impossible. Consequently, investing in the quality of life of employees also helps in achieving their goals and organizational objectives, ensuring better results for the company.


Internal relations and integration between the areas

Finally, it can also be said that quality of life helps in internal relationships and in the integration of business areas - thus avoiding rumors and gossip that are often present in the working world.

In any case, these are just some of the advantages, there are also others that concern the individual subject.

Without a doubt, the quality of life of employees is, today, indispensable for the correct management of human capital, this also depends a lot on the management.

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