How to create a content marketing calendar

A content marketing calendar is the planning and organizing of your content for publishing on social media channels or email campaigns. It is good to organize your content calendar on a monthly basis, this enables you to efficiently track all content being published ahead of time.

How to create a content marketing calendar

I hope this explains the importance of having a content calendar.  

Now, let us discuss how to create a content calendar.    

Decide the content type  

When you are planning to create your content calendar, you must first decide the content type you wish to create and publish.  

For instance, your content could be a blog post, email newsletter, E-books, videos, case studies, etc.  

If you are creating a content calendar for email campaigns, here is a tip for a successful result. Did you know that you can improve your ROI (Return of Investments) with a quality email list?    

Building quality email list – How to find email addresses?  

Use email lookup tools like, if you did not know how to find email addresses of your prospects. This tool is highly efficient to locate the accurate email addresses of prospects.    

Brainstorming session with your peers  

If you wish to come up with fresh ideas for your content calendar, you need to engage in brainstorming sessions with your customer service and sales team.  

At the end of this session, you will learn the queries that are mostly asked by your potential prospects and what they wish to know about your product before deciding to buy.  

After this, you must sit with your marketing team and brainstorm with the information you have in your hand. And identify the topics you are yet to cover.  

Based on this, you will be able to come up with content strategies to reach your target prospects.    

Make use of research tools  

You need to perform good research and analysis to know what trending is, what would be more relevant to share with your audience in a particular month.  

For instance, you could use Google Trends to learn what is being popular recently. Likewise, you could use keyword research tools to identify the highly searched keywords.  

Based on these details, you can build a solid content strategy.    

Content ideation  

Once you pick the keywords, make use of topic research tools to identify related topics, questions that people are asking in Google or other search engines.  

This will help you in fine-tuning your focus.    

Competitor analysis  

Now that you have chosen the topics you want to create content on, what if your competitors have already published posts about them?  

You have done an analysis to understand where they rank for that content, and what they have missed.  

After your analysis, you could produce content that can beat your competitor’s content.  

Besides these steps you will have to conduct an audit, select social media channels, build an email list, segment your audience, decide on the schedules for publishing the content, etc.    

Final thoughts  

With the strategies and tools discussed in this article, you will be able to create a great content calendar for your business. 

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