How to increase website conversion

We think that even without us it is clear that the higher the conversion, the more applications, which means sales, and sales = profit.

How to increase website conversion

To increase the conversion of the site. On the one hand, Conversion Rate Experts have already been recognized leaders in this area. Their satisfied customers include Google, Amazon, and Facebook. On the other hand, according to official figures, the British tourism industry lost more than 2.1 billion pounds (or about 2.7 billion dollars) in 2009. The time for travel agencies was far from the right one. However, the Conversion Rate Experts analyzed, ran several tests, made changes, and in 2010 the travel company's net profit grew by 14 million pounds ($ 18 million). How did they do it? We will talk about this near the end of the article. For now, let's take a look at the more basic nuances of increased website conversion.

What is website conversion and why increase it?


What is website conversion?


Do you have a Website? It can be a relatively large online store or a one-page Landing Page. Every day the site is visited by 100 people. 10 out of 100 visitors call the phone number listed on the site or send a message through the feedback form. This means the conversion of your Internet project is 10%.

It is this data that is most often referred to as site conversion. And it is about them that we will talk about in detail in the article.

Although to be precise, the example above is about conversions into applications. Not always the person who calls or writes to the site's consultants buys. Bid conversion does not always coincide with sales conversion. Sometimes sales are not required. Sometimes the purpose of a site is to collect email addresses or other contact information. In this case, the conversion will be the percentage of visitors who left you their email or phone number.


Benefits of increasing conversions


We think that even without us it is clear that the higher the conversion, the more applications, which means sales, and sales = profit.

But why conversion?


After all, you can, for example, increase the number of visitors to the site and thus affect sales and income. You can properly establish interaction with people who have already become customers, and earn on repeat sales.

The bottom line is ...


An increase in the number of visitors almost always implies an increase in cash investments in contextual advertising and other third-party advertising channels. When it comes to increasing conversions, you need to work with your site. This always means more freedom, more opportunities, and almost always - less money (at least because every day more and more businessmen pay for advertising, and the cost per click in advertising systems is constantly growing). Plus, the experience of many companies specializing in Internet marketing suggests that you can and should work to increase traffic. But after you have pumped the conversion of the site. When the site becomes more convenient, understandable, and selling, when out of 100 visitors, customers become not 10, but 20 or 30, you can afford to increase your budget for contextual advertising. Moreover, many businessmen only connect context after conversion optimization work, because they can afford it. With a low conversion, contextual advertising does not pay off.



 Repeat sales are even easier. First, the higher the conversion, the more people will buy one product from you and leave contacts to be able to offer them at least one more product. Second, in the overwhelming majority of cases, repeat sales involve a return visit to your site. If the conversion specialists have optimized it, you will have a lot more repeat sales.

How to increase website conversions in 2021: 8 ways from the best foreign marketers

Immediately, we note that most of the methods that will be discussed below, we spied on the blog of the already mentioned company Conversion Rate Experts (a leader in the field of increasing conversion). The articles from which we took the data can be read in the original in English here and here. It is important that in our long read not only the translation of the English text but also its adaptation to the realities of the CIS + examples of the implementation of certain methods.


1. Create standard and premium versions of your product/service


Thus, the customer will not choose between “buy” and “not buy”, but between “buy version # 1” and “buy version # 2”.


2. Add a list of the most popular products to the site

Products that many people have already purchased inspire more confidence. There are several options for implementing this method of increasing conversions. Look, for example, as we did when we developed an online store of goods for people with disabilities

3. Test prices

There are many niches where low prices do not guarantee high sales. Remember the “hopefully dear” phenomenon. Sometimes higher prices inspire more confidence. Be sure to run tests and find out how your potential customers react to high prices.

4. If you have already started to improve the site, make significant changes

This way you will see the results of your work faster.

Plus you will have a better chance of achieving the desired improvements

5. Remove all unnecessary

Everything is simple here. Each pixel on your site either increases conversion, decreases, or just takes up space. Removing the excess will give important elements more space and a little more efficiency.

6. Collect reviews and publish them on the site

Only this matter must be approached wisely. You shouldn't ask all customers to leave a review. Instead, you can ask someone who praised you or your advisor for feedback. Moreover, it is much more efficient when all this will be done systematically. “If you receive a compliment, be sure to politely ask the client to leave a review” - this item can and should be added to the sales scripts that your employees are guided by. Such a simple trick will increase the number of sincere reviews on your site at times.


7. First of all, work on the pages that get the most traffic

It might not be worth investing a lot of resources in optimizing your homepage if most of your visitors land directly on product pages. By the way, you can find out the most visited pages on your site using Yandex.Metrica. When you do what you see in the screenshot below, you will see a list of pages. At the very top of this list are the most visited ones.

8. Describe in detail the justification for the price of your product/service

Conversion Rate Experts have been working to increase the conversion rate of a service called Crazy Egg. The essence of the service: studying the actions of site users. It records how users view content on your site, which buttons they click on, which links they click on, etc. In general, its functionality is very similar to that of Yandex's Webvisor.

Crazy Egg lets you track every action of every user on your site for just a few hundred dollars a year. Nevertheless, for some, this is a rather large amount. How do you convince these people that $ 300 is practically nothing when it comes to the incredible possibilities the Crazy Egg provides?

Conversion Rate Experts decided to add the following text to the main page of the service website:

It is important that there is not a word of falsehood in the advertising message Conversion Rate Experts developed for the Crazy Egg. Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University did research and come to these conclusions. Be like the copywriters at Conversion Experts: Base your price with real facts, but keep those facts as convincing as possible.

Below is a screenshot of the heatmap generated by the Yandex Web visor. Such data is seen by Crazy Egg users


Increase in website conversion in 2021

In 2019, there are many ways to increase conversions that were used 10 years ago.

To understand what will positively affect the conversion of your resource, run tests. Test significant changes on the site to get results and get things done as soon as possible. It is better to use special services for this.

Don't forget this is about website conversion. Marketing is good, but without a strong technical foundation that will ensure high site loading and other important nuances, there will be no conversion or sales.

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