How to Increase website Conversion Rate? 14 Tips to Blow Up Your Metrics!

Increase website conversion rate indicates the number of people who complete and meet the stated goal. It is, according to Sara Helmy (CEO of Tribu), the most crucial way to know if the work and efforts you have put into a campaign are turning into positive signs of sales and “engagement”. Whenever the campaign is about making a purchase, filling out a form, taking surveys, signing a petition, or clicking emails.

How to Increase website Conversion Rate? 14 Tips to Blow Up Your Metrics!


In Digital Marketing, the main goal is not only to attract the right customers but also to keep driving them to the website and sooner or later make them convertible leads.

However, there are cases of clients stopping, becoming non-convertible leads. This sudden stop in the customer journey can be the result of having a poor communication strategy, an overly complex conversion funnel, or an overly slow or poorly designed platform.

What is the Conversion Rate?

Increase website conversion rate indicates the number of people who complete and meet the stated goal. It is, according to Sara Helmy (CEO of Tribu), the most crucial way to know if the work and efforts you have put into a campaign are turning into positive signs of sales and “engagement”. Whenever the campaign is about making a purchase, filling out a form, taking surveys, signing a petition, or clicking emails.

The best-known conversion is the purchase one. Technically it means that you introduce the customer into the sales funnel to close a deal.

For some wise and smart marketers, the situation is not always like this. For them, the purchase-related conversion could mean any action, no matter how small, that drives the customer further into the sales funnel.

For example, a customer starts shopping online but suddenly, due to some unexpected circumstance, stops. This type of scenario, for some, is a failed transaction. However, for savvy marketers, this does not indicate failure. On the contrary, it can have positive results. How?

Even when the customer stops and leaves the cart, information such as what product they could have bought can be a guide to the merchandise that customers like best. It is more like statistics. And using that idea, it's possible for digital marketers to turn that abandonment into a "future" sale.

To turn failed attempts into future sales, eCommerce expert Dan Barker suggests "micro-conversionRather than insist on finding ways to entice customers to buy a product, Dan Barker says it's better to dissect and analyze the different converters and take one step at a time.

It suggests frequently checking the essential pages of the website and paying attention to vital statistics such as the most searched product, what customers who have already bought or who always buy the same or the same products want to see, etc.

With the help of different messaging platforms, you can strike up a conversation and try to further boost the customer using special promotional offers or incentives, says Cezary Pietrzak, Appboy's chief marketing officer.

Increase your conversion rate now by applying these 14 tips!

When it comes to strategies to improve the lifespan of your leads and turn them into profitable sales, many Marketers implement different creative tactics. If you are a hobbyist and have no idea how to convert your leads (potential customers) into sales effectively, here are some useful tips to guide you and definitely increase website conversion rate:

1.- Show your customers the value of your products or services

The first contact in communication with your customers is one of the most crucial phases of marketing. To make sure they follow the journey you propose through the sales funnel, show them what your product or service can do for them (its value). On top of that, give your potential customers content they like in the format they need. Sometimes everything is in the packaging and in how you are presenting your product.

2.- Reduce the fields to complete to carry out the conversion

People get bored easily. Today, they like things fast. Therefore, if you want your client to complete the task you need to increase your conversion rate; For example, filling out a contact form, be sure to ask only about the important details. Don't bombard him with too many unnecessary questions.


3.- Recognize Objections

There are cases where the client reads your offer and something in him says: 'no, this is not right'. It's natural. Some people are hesitant at first because there is something about the offer that they did not understand correctly. To fix these kinds of problems, you need to know what the customer doesn't understand, what bothers them, or what they don't agree with. This way, you can explain what they need to know to keep them moving forward in the purchase or conversion process.

4.- Show them that they can trust you

To people like to buy products or acquire services brands you trust. And one of the hardest things businesses face is proving to customers that you are trustworthy to build a good relationship.

But how are you going to demonstrate that using a website? Here are some tips:

  • Post information that demonstrates the effectiveness of your service or the quality of your products. On websites where there is no staff to answer customer questions immediately, make sure to provide support through testimonials, comments, and articles from reputable writers. In this way, you are generating credibility in your brand.
  • Show them that you have known and trusted the people behind your project.
  • Get them to contact you easily.
  • Make sure to give your website an appropriate, user-friendly, and professional design.
  • Regularly update the content of your site.
  • Avoid mistakes, as far as possible. Even if they are very small errors.

5.- Provides a smooth shopping transaction

Remember that clients don't like complicated processes. They like simple things. So, if you want to increase your conversion rate, make sure to give your customers a simple and easy transaction.

Here's how to do it:

  • Don't put too many options. According to the book The Paradox Of Choiceoptions complicate decision-making.
  • Each page should tell your customers what to do next. Don't let them figure it out on their own. Everyone wants a comfortable and safe life.
  • Don't push potential customers to sign up just to buy your products
  • Again, provide as few fields as possible.
  • Always remember that promotional offers are what customers want.

6.- Pay close attention to your headlines

It is a ruler. The headline summarizes what the message is about. To increase your conversion rate, you need to get creative with how you deliver your headlines.

Bonus TIP: According to a survey, for 82% of UK consumers and 80% of US consumers, the most common and useful motivation to buy is when there is free shipping.

If you want your headline to be attractive, try offering free shipping.

If you want to learn how to write great headlines, check out this article: How to Write the Perfect Headline for Socal Media.

7.- Why not provide a video?

Show your potential customers that you are a credible salesperson. One option is to provide them with a video to show that a real person endorses your products. If possible, you can find someone famous.

8.- Tell your potential clients exactly what they are going to get

People like direct statements. So, when you are describing your product, add what they are going to get if they buy it, what are the advantages, if it is environmentally friendly, or what the delivery process is like. Always provide accurate information for your customers. And keep it simple.

9.- Encourage your potential customers through words or images

Cheerful and animated affirmations are much more efficient in attracting and generating leads (Leads) than informative and insipid ones. Use visual language, use storytelling or storytelling to show your visitors what your product looks like. That way, you will prompt them to consider and test your product.

10.- Provide at least 5 payment options

There are many ways to pay today. Don't just provide two or three options. Offer at least five to six options if possible. And make sure those are the most common methods and the ones that people like.

11.- Take care that your photos are of high quality

If you want your visitors to believe that you are a credible seller, providing high-quality photos is a must. It's true, especially for your products. Let them see what they are going to get. Otherwise, you could be building a bad image for your brand.

12.- Provide a support Chat

People often have many questions on their minds that need to be answered immediately. Otherwise, they will leave. So to make sure they continue to the end of the purchase, implement a support chat on your site that can give them immediate answers to what they want to know.


13.- Consider offering purchase discounts

Everyone loves discounts. So if the goal is to convert leads into sales, surprise your customers with a discount before they click the checkout button. As a result, your client will not hesitate to undo the transaction.

14.- Use different content extensions

Testing what is appropriate and working for you is a must. Although it depends on the topic, short content may not work for your business, but an extended version is appropriate.


The key to successful leadership comes from compelling communication where customers are satisfied with the way your present things to them. In fact, using today's advanced technologies, it is possible to create hassle-free and customer-friendly transactions.

In business and marketing, the main goals are not only to attract leads but also to convert prospects into sales, so make sure you put in place different ideas and tactics to get it right.


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