Part-time business idea with a dogwalker

Dogs are animals that need a lot of attention and exercise. Unfortunately, not every owner can provide them with sufficient exercise. Working and living, especially in small apartments, means more and more dogs are experiencing a lack of activity. Owners and women who want to change something about it can look forward to a new trend coming from the USA to Germany and gain more and more followers. We are talking about so-called dog walkers who walk strangers' dogs and get paid for it. Sounds like your dream job? Then you should definitely keep reading to find out the requirements you must meet as a dog rover.

Part-time business idea with a dogwalker

Dogwalker: tasks, daily tasks, requirements

First of all: The dog traveler's activity seems pretty minor to aliens, but its look is cloudy. Anyone interested in implementing this business idea should know for sure that there is much more to do than "just go for a walk". As a dog walker you should, among other things:

  • Run multiple dogs at the same time
  • Forage dogs
  • Give medication to dogs
  • Pick up and return dogs from the owner
  • Supervising dogs (until the owner gets them)
  • Do small exercises with dogs

So the daily work of the dog walker can be described as very diverse. Even if you take care of these cold-blooded friends on a daily basis, a boring routine is unlikely to happen. On the contrary, the constant change of dogs will always leave you compelled to deal with new situations and challenges.

The beginning and end of your working day as a dog roamer depends largely on your customers. Many dog ​​walkers offer their services early in the morning and don't say no to the evening dog tour.

Tip: If you want to avoid orders too early and too late, you should post fixed business hours from the start.

What does a traveler's dog do?

Now we come to the dog walker requirements. Even if there is no state-recognized vocational training in Germany, that does not mean that anyone can do the job. Instead, as a traveling dog on your road to success, you must fulfill a number of requirements:

  • Love of animals in general and love of dogs in particular
  • Professional knowledge of everything related to dogs
  • Rapid assessment of severity and conflict situations
  • Not responding well
  • initiative
  • sovereignty
  • The pleasure of working outside (no matter how wind or weather)
  • Joy at work

The typical career path of a dog traveler

As mentioned earlier, you cannot learn to walk with dogs in training or as part of a degree. But if you want to realize this business idea, you can still prepare yourself professionally.

Most dog walkers can already look to several years of experience as a walker in animal shelters and / or dog breeders early in their independent careers. These activities are perfect for learning basic skills and getting an idea for a variety of dog breeds. Because every traveling dog needs to be aware of one thing: there is no such thing as a "one" dog. Each animal is a unique individual with strengths, weaknesses, quirks, and emotional traits.

Training as a dog trainer or completing a workshop also makes sense as a potential dog traveler so you can get to know them ASAP and work well with them. During these procedures, you will not only learn how to handle animals professionally, but you will also learn how to reduce vulnerable situations, how to keep complex situations in trouble, and quickly teach dogs basic commands.

If you do not want to leave anything to chance, you can now search the Internet for special training opportunities for potential dog walkers. The business idea has become so popular that it is not surprising that the first webinars and workshops have proliferated.

Becoming a Dog Traveler: What Else Should You Think About?
Insurance: Walking another person's dog is always associated with a variety of risks - for dogs as well as for you, and finally for other people who may be attacked, for example, by an animal. In such a situation, it is necessary to carry out adequate insurance for adequate coverage.
Customer Acquisition: Are you ready to work as a dog rover and can't wait to take out the first animals? Then you have to say the word first. You can use a variety of advertising channels to acquire customers, from the Facebook page to the flyers and the display platform.
The Office: You will need to set up an office as a roaming dog even though you will be outside most of the day. Here you can check emails, make phone calls, coordinate customer inquiries, marketing, and perform many other administrative and organizational tasks. It makes sense to set up a home office to save costs.
Clothing: The thing that's often forgotten is the proper business attire for dog walkers. First of all, it must be resistant to wind and weather conditions. Make sure to start with buying a pair of well-fitting (walking) shoes, comfortable pants, and an all-weather jacket. Clothes can be reserved as a business expense and deducted for tax purposes.

Dogwalker - a company with a future?
The victory of the dog walkers has just begun in Germany. The business idea is still seen as strange and unusual, but at the same time it increasingly convinces interested parties.

The truth is that acceptance will continue to increase over the next few years. This means that more and more dog owners are willing to put their pets in the care of a professional dog groomer. After all, they just want the best for the dog, which is a loyal and beloved member of the family in most cases.

Important: Register your business!
If you want to be a freelance dog traveler and make money with him, of course, you should remember one important step: register your business with the local trade office.

Please note that you are referring to a legal form. Most dog walkers are sole proprietorship. This legal form is not only relatively bureaucratic, but it also does not require any capital. The big drawback of Sole Proprietorship: If you fail in your business, you are not only responsible for your business but also for your own assets.

Note: Many dog ​​walkers start their own businesses in a secondary business. The job can easily be turned into a full time job if you have enough clients.

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